Thursday, January 24, 2013

24 hours of Game Playing

On New Year's Eve, the Crew divides and conquers--as many games as possible. Leslie, Jared and kids have a long-standing New Year's eve tradition with some good friends and their family. Their game playing often goes through the night and all day on New Year's Day. Here's a list of the games they vanquished this year. 

Elder Sign (New for Christmas, Leslie and Jared's son, Erik's, favorite game ever)
Gloom (new card game, Addams Family-esque)
Golf (with Skipbo cards)
Puerto Rico

Jeff, Alison, Mark and Marcia (and kids) play together until midnight, then call it quits. This year they got in a goodly amount of game playing before the ball dropped. 
Settlers of Catan
Wits and Wagers

Power Grid also came out of the closet at Jeff and Alison's on New Year's Day.
Mexican Train was popular during the holidays at Mark and Marcia's. 

If you had 24 hours to play games, which ones  would you choose?


  1. Hey, I forgot about power grid! Erik loves that one too. We'll need to borrow that sometime.

    1. I really like it--you just need two hours to play it. Which we should do sometime.

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