Saturday, November 17, 2012

Board Games and Card Games Make Great Christmas Gifts

As noted in many of our posts on the blog, I find board games to be a great way to spend time together, learn problem-solving skills, and have fun.  Given the holiday season is fast approaching, here are a few games that I would give a thumbs-up to as Christmas gifts.

For the family with teen children -- Dominion.
Dominion is still one of my top choices for teens and for adults.  The original game was first produced in 2008.  See our prior review of Dominion.  They recently came out with another expansion for Dominion, called Dominion Dark Ages Expansion. It has lots of additional cards, and adds quite a few clever twists.  The great thing about the game is that there are limitless combinations of cards that can be used; therefore, no game ever has to be the same.  You have to figure out the strategy of how the cards work together.  There are multiple expansions, my favorite being Seaside.You need to make sure you buy the starter set Dominion or Intrigue before getting any expansions.  They will give you many hours of fun and entertainment.

For the family with kids in the 9-12 age range -- Trollhalla.
Try Trollhalla. It has a clever premise, good artwork, is a good mix of luck and strategy, and has lots of interplay.  It's for 2-4 players.  See our review.

For larger families, or extended family gatherings -- Rage.
Rage isn't a board game, but is one of our family's go-to games most times we get together.  We have played with up to 10 players with one deck without a problem (instructions say 2-8 players).  It doesn't take too long to play, keeps everyone engaged, and has lots of twists and turns.  For just a few dollars, you will get hours of entertainment.  See our review
Happy holiday season!

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