Monday, December 21, 2015


Guest post by Jennie B. 

Fascinated with magic spells and special powers my kids enjoy the simple game of Grimoire. A Grimoire is a book of spells and each player is given one at the beginning of the game. There are numbers on the board that allow the game to go up to 15 rounds. You can end the game there and tally points, or you can continue until someone reaches either 10 treasure cards or 10 companion cards.

To begin the game a certain number of cards are laid out to draw. Each player chooses a spell. Based on the chosen spell, the order of players for that round is determined. This means that in each round the order the players go in could be totally different. If you were to go first you would cast your spell, draw a card, and then decide if there are any cards you want to play. The object of the game is to get the most VP points. 

To earn VP points there are coins you can collect, cards with people who help you receive VP points, spells that give you VP points, and junk items cards that you can collect to earn more VP points. 

The most confusing part of this game is determining the order at the beginning of each round. There are spells that reverse the order so that makes it even more unpredictable. After that the game flows easily and it runs quick. It usually takes 30 minutes to complete a game. 

Our kids enjoy the spell aspect of this game, and I enjoy how short it lasts. We play it occasionally, but it isn't necessarily a game we think about when we have people over to play. When we do pull it out, however, we remember how enjoyable it is.

# Players..................2-5
Game Time..............30 Minutes
Set up.......................10 Minutes
Visual Appeal.............8

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