Friday, May 10, 2013

It's the end of the world as you know it . . . which game would you take?

Quick. Answer this: you're in an earthquake. The house is falling down around you. You have time to grab one game. Which will it be?
The above was one of the scenarios we pondered in our first ever round of "Sunday Questions." This idea was pitched in church as fun way to use Sunday downtime to get a family talking. Any and all questions are permissible, the zanier the better.
So, which game would we grab?
Josh's answer was immediate: He'd go for Seven Wonders.
Megyn's response was pretty quick, too: Lost Cities.
Alison waffled between two, but finally settled on Puerto Rico.
Jeff's answer is still under debate: Seaside, a Dominion expansion, was what he said, but for that he'd have to bring the base cards, too. We still haven't figured out if that counts as one game.
Tamsyn chose Settlers of Catan, after much reflection. We decided it's a good thing she had a chance to ponder before the Big One hits.
So how about it? Which game survives with you?

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  1. I still can't decide--Lost Cities or Settlers of Catan are good choices too!