Thursday, April 5, 2012

Poll Results: Great Games for Kids Under Ten

What constitutes a great game for the under-ten crowd?  Now there's an interesting question. When I think of the most well-known games for that age--Candyland and Chutes and Ladders--I hear the slow drip, drip, of Chinese water torture. In my view, a "great" kid's game should be one that engages the child and keeps him or her wanting more, but that the parent can enjoy, too. 

This would be my wish list for the perfect kid's game. Game Makers, pay attention. 
1. Make it easy to learn and fast to play.
2. Make it simple enough that my child has a good chance of beating me. (Honestly, no cheating from either of us.)
3. But please, give it enough strategy so that my brain doesn't liquify and slosh out of my head while I'm playing.
4. Give it a fun theme, something silly even, with eye-appealing graphics.
5. Throw in some random mayhem to make us both laugh. . 
6. And would it be too much to ask if my child can learn a little something while we're at it?
There. That's all. That can't be too hard, can it?

Apparently, someone's getting the message because games seem to be getting better since my oldest was under ten. We got a nice variety of reponses to prove that fact.
Here are the results. Some of the votes came from comments on this site, some from Facebook.
The top vote getter: Uno, that old favorite, still reigns supreme, along with variations, Uno Attack and Uno Flash
Also garnering mutiple votes: Sleeping Queens, Zingo and Apples to Apples
Other vote-getters: Bang, Dominion, Funny Bunny, Go Fish, Othello, Pass the Pigs, Pit, Rat-a-Tat-Cat, Skipbo and Spot It.

Thanks to everyone who commented. Look for more polls in the future. The winner of our drawing will be announced tomorrow.

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